Mr. Kinetik | Unit One

Mr. Kinetik | Unit One

Movers & Groovers,

This is the first unit in theĀ Units Of Study mix series. Each mix is a piece of the big picture, music. I love different types and styles of music and this is a way to put them together and share them with y’all. Some mixes will be focused around a specific style or genre or feel.

Sign up for the forthcoming email list right here and drop an idea for the series. Hopefully, somebody will hit me up with something new to me. Costs you nothing to sign up. You won’t get an inbox full of emails but you might get some free content!

“Unit One” is really just the first hour of music that I felt like playing. If it sounds like I’m just riffin’ that’s because I am. This is me going with the flow.

This is safe for work unless your colleagues are unfunky. Safe for your children as well. Enjoy.

The Peace,

Mr. Kinetik

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