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The Fun Episode

Movers & Groovers, We meet again! The latest episode of But He Speaks So Well is here. This is exactly what

April 4, 2018
But He Speaks So Well Episode 7

Movers & Groovers, Welcome back for another episode of my podcast But He Speaks So Well. On this episode, I share

August 6, 2017
Mr. Kinetik | Live At Haus Love (Part 1)

Movers & Groovers, This right here is a live mix from a gig at Haus Love, an Indianapolis furniture, home accessories

November 16, 2014
Mr. Kinetik | Unit Twelve

Movers & Groovers, This is “Unit Twelve [Planner Jams Part 1]” and it is telepathically unofficially inspired by Pete The

February 5, 2014
Mr. Kinetik | Unit Fourteen

Movers & Groovers, I present to you “Unit Fourteen” in the Units Of Study mix series. This is a trip

February 1, 2014
Mr. Kinetik | Unit Ten

Movers & Groovers, “Unit Ten [Snow Jams]” is the latest mix in the Units Of Study mix series. This will

January 5, 2014
The Future of Indianapolis Public Schools

Movers & Groovers, Dr. Eugene White will retire from his position as Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) on April

January 16, 2013
Thank You Indianapolis Star

Movers & Groovers, The above photo is from a story in The Indianapolis Star about yours truly and my work

November 30, 2012
Mr. Kinetik | Black Hole Rap

Salutations, I humbly present my latest offering of music, Black Hole Rap, which is available only at my Bandcamp page.

October 22, 2012
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