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Thank You Indianapolis Star

Movers & Groovers, The above photo is from a story in The Indianapolis Star about yours truly and my work

November 30, 2012
Mr. Kinetik | Black Hole Rap

Salutations, I humbly present my latest offering of music, Black Hole Rap, which is available only at my Bandcamp page.

October 22, 2012
Mr. Kinetik | Clockwork (With STREAMING LINK)

Movers & Groovers, Clockwork is the latest effort for all you music lovers. Click the picture or here to download

November 3, 2011
Mr. Kinetik | Sounds Of Soul

Movers & Groovers, This is the latest album, Sounds Of Soul, available via Bandcamp. Name your own price, get the

August 9, 2011
Mr. Kinetik | BustaRhymesDJScratchNottzJayDee

Movers & Groovers, BustaRhymesDJScratchNottzJayDee. Mixed live by Mr. Kinetik. Busta Rhymes joints produced by DJ Scratch, Nottz, or Jay Dee.

May 2, 2011
Mr. Kinetik | Mic Check Mix

Movers & Groovers, Get this hip-hop mix entitled Mic Check Mix. Features Guilty Simpson, Redman, J Dilla, Busta Rhymes, MF

March 7, 2011
Mr. Kinetik – Jeezy

Movers & Groovers, Due to some conversation on Twitter today from a few of the people I follow, Young Jeezy

January 3, 2011
Mr. Kinetik – The Isolator EP

Movers & Groovers, Here it is. The Isolator EP. Hope you enjoy it. Click this link or the picture for

October 22, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – John Henry

Movers & Groovers, John Henry. If you’re unaware of the reference, get your research on. The Peace, Mr. Kinetik

September 13, 2010
For Your Health

Movers & Groovers, Newness, I bring to you. From the Sounds of Soul sessions. Enjoy this one. The Peace, Mr.

August 29, 2010
Willie Jones LIVE

Movers & Groovers, Check out Willie Jones live at The Gateway Drug show at Locals Only in Indianapolis! The name

June 28, 2010
MF Borat – The Mask And The Moustache

Movers & Groovers, Anyone that knows me knows that MF DOOM is one of my favorite emcees AND producers EVER.

June 15, 2010
I say hello…

Movers & Groovers, This song is “Hello” and it is from Saving All The Good Beats For Myself, which is

June 4, 2010
Kanye West – Power (Mr. Kinetik’s Move)

Movers & Groovers, Well since the Celtics were destroying the Magic, I decided to cook up something on Planet LoveTron.

May 28, 2010
The Mr. Kinetik Power Hour Mix

Movers & Groovers, I bring to you a mix inspired by a conversation with my homeboy Ryan (Shouts to my

May 13, 2010
J. Brookinz – The Gateway Drug

Movers & Groovers, A dope dope dope project in honor of The Gateway Drug. No glorification, just facts! Features: Oreo

April 20, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – Hoes Just Want To Have Fun

Movers & Groovers, I was sitting in a club and a song came on. I had the idea to update

April 18, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – Say Word

Movers & Groovers, I had to do it. Say word. Download this. The Peace, Mr. Kinetik

April 18, 2010

Movers & Groovers, This is the homeboy Gena live from Centreville, Illinois the 618. My cousin (whom is like my

March 26, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – Saving All The Good Beats For Myself

Movers & Groovers, Some people ask me what projects have I done and this one has been on the site

February 27, 2010
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