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Mr. Kinetik | Unit Twelve

Movers & Groovers, This is “Unit Twelve [Planner Jams Part 1]” and it is telepathically unofficially inspired by Pete The

February 5, 2014
Mr. Kinetik | Expressions

  Movers & Groovers, Expressions was released on 10.22.13. This is my latest album and I had a really great

November 14, 2013
Mr. Kinetik | Unit Three

Movers & Groovers, Here is “Unit Three” of the Units Of Study mix series (get the first two Units here). This one

December 27, 2012
Mr. Kinetik – John Henry

Movers & Groovers, John Henry. If you’re unaware of the reference, get your research on. The Peace, Mr. Kinetik

September 13, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – It’s That Computer Love

Movers & Groovers, I had to do this song. This one is for all the people all over the planet

September 6, 2010
Dear Michael

Movers & Groovers, This mix is inspired by none other than Michael Jackson himself. I wanted to do something different

June 25, 2010
The Father’s Day Mix

Movers & Groovers, Above you see my Pops and I keeping it funky in the tuxedos. For the most part,

June 20, 2010
Kanye West – Power (Mr. Kinetik’s Move)

Movers & Groovers, Well since the Celtics were destroying the Magic, I decided to cook up something on Planet LoveTron.

May 28, 2010
The Mr. Kinetik Power Hour Mix

Movers & Groovers, I bring to you a mix inspired by a conversation with my homeboy Ryan (Shouts to my

May 13, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – Hoes Just Want To Have Fun

Movers & Groovers, I was sitting in a club and a song came on. I had the idea to update

April 18, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – Say Word

Movers & Groovers, I had to do it. Say word. Download this. The Peace, Mr. Kinetik

April 18, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – For Those That Love

Movers & Groovers, In the spirit of love and the beauty that it brings, I present to you For Those

February 13, 2010
Mr. Kinetik – Halftime

My Halftime is much better than the halftime in the picture. Hip-hop for you and you might have to go

December 3, 2009
Bilal – Love For Sale

I enjoy this album, I just wish it would have actually been released to the public. “Lord Don’t Let It”

November 30, 2009
This Is…Eratic

My homeboy Eratic is about his business, which is dope beats and dope rhymes. No frill. All kill. Shouts to

November 25, 2009
LONEgevity – Sessions

LONEgevity – Sessions great music

November 20, 2009
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