Dear Michael

Dear Michael

Movers & Groovers,

This mix is inspired by none other than Michael Jackson himself. I wanted to do something different with this though. When he died on June 25, 2009 I got on uStream and played his music for three straight hours and people came and watched and shared stories and it was a great day in spite of the sadness most of his fans were feeling.

I decided to put songs in this mix that I feel are not mentioned enough when speaking on MJ’s legacy. Some of the songs include:

We’re Almost There

Get It Together

Enjoy Yourself

This Place Hotel

Sugar Daddy

Darling Dear

Liberian Girl

It’s Too Late To Change The Time

That’s What You Get (For Being Polite)

This Time Around

Baby Be Mine


Heaven Can Wait

Push Me Away

There are more songs than those but I just want you to know: this is about MJ’s music. It ranges from solo work to work with his brothers but I wanted to expose people to MORE of the music than the typical MJ songs that we all know.

Download at the picture or right HERE. I believe you will enjoy yourself, just sit back and listen to this. It’s a large file but I stand by the work within it.

The Peace,

Mr. Kinetik

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