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The Power Of Music

Dear Movers & Groovers,

Music is powerful. I think most of us would agree with that. Like anything that is powerful, we must be careful about how it is used. My parents were pretty open as far as music was concerned when I still had to get their approval. I listened to some of everything as a kid. Some of it was explicit, some of it was not. Some of it was uplifting, some of it was not. One thing I could count on was a full conversation about whatever it was that I was listening to. It was very clearly stated to me that there was a message in everything that I would ever listen to (or see) and it was my job to find that message and go from there. Not only do I believe that you get more out of music by listening with a purpose, it allows you to understand what you’re listening to and gives you the power to make an informed decision about what you will do with the information (message) in the music.

There are a lot of messages floating around in music. Some of the messages need more presence in our society. Messages of peace, love, unity, self-awareness, respect, and education could stand to have a greater market share in the recording industry. We get more than enough music that is rooted in floating through life without any real cares outside of consumerism, violence, and continually poisoning the mind. I believe that many people are not taking the time to listen with a purpose. Instead, they are letting the music wash over them without considering the effects of being on autopilot while the music plays. It is unreasonable to suggest that music will not have an effect on the listener. Music can get into your mind and impact how you think and behave.

Our youth have greater access to content than ever. I want them to be aware of as many messages as possible so they can make informed decisions about what they will subscribe to. Don’t try to hide the negative messages from them. Talk to them about those messages. Have real conversations about that content. Give them more positive examples of messages in music. Encourage them to really listen to the music and find the messages in the music. Music is powerful. It can make you dance, cry, laugh, sing, shout, hurt, and many other things.

We have to start thinking more about what we listen to and what it does to and for us. I truly believe the content of music can and does guide the behaviors of our society. That can serve us well or lead us into more and more problems. Click the picture to read an essay about the power of music or right here.

The P.E.A.C.E.,

Mr. Kinetik (more on P.E.A.C.E. later)

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